13 Favorite Men

Senor Damian Marley

Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project Most Wanted

Thee decisions are final...I completed my list of favorite men. I believe that these 13 best serve as inspiration for me as a work on thee graphics, literature and product development here on blacksunbloodmoon.org.  I will be working towards there welcome packets and hope to hear from them in thee near future.

...is thee hardest vocalist.

  • How: Exposed to gothic demographics
  • What: A need for bi-lingual brand for thee Theion Temple
  • When: 1976
  • Where: Finland
  • Which: Ville completed interview in Finnish on film
  • Who: Favorite Brand
  • Why: Aside from music? Why would I spend good money on replacing my own culture with Ville's heavy, northern vocals? I'll explain, but you should have listened to HIM by now. Ville speaks Finnish, German and English as far as I know and has completed bilingual songs without granting any mercy range wise. Did you look? I have never seen language delivered so beautifully. Truly an angelic host. Just like a favorite pair of Levi's...my all day, every day delight.

...is thee darkest artist.

  • How: Exposed to rapist
  • What: A need to populate reading groups with victims for thee Theion Temple
  • When: 1976
  • Where: U.S.A.
  • Which: Brandon completes song in English on film
  • Who: Favorite American
  • Why: Can you read? I thought Incubus was singular for rape in Latin but it meant nightmares, plural. Incubi was thee singular form of a nightmare and thee icon is often a masturbating male or a dark horse. Non thee less, Brandon sure can scream and look cool at thee same time. My trip to thee Americas have sealed him as Thee Lord of Host. Read about Americas last five hundred years or read about thee demon Incubi or hope you find Lord Boyd. Be safe...in thee dark!

...has won unorthodox Ethiopian.

  • How: Exposed to Ethiopian demographics
  • What: A need for mutli-cultural feedback for thee Theion Temple
  • When: 1990
  • Where: Ethiopia
  • Which: Wicked Game music video film
  • Who: Favorite Ethiopian
  • Why: Ever save up to visit anywhere in Africa? I was temped. I noticed that African languages do not require ruler ship. Several people already use Ras Abel's name in thee music industry even though he called himself Thee Weeknd. I just gave a listen recently, separate from thee two reggae artist that use that name and he is thee only 1 that stood out...Ras Abel's culture of Hasidic Judaism relies on coffee ceremonies, temple drumming and traditional worship make him an occupying force every sabbat.  Ethiopia, paling only to Egyptians as thee tale is told, is perfectly suited for Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project, as is Ras Abel due to thee need to portray thee gothic beauties only illustrated by mourners.

...is thee only authentic 1.

  • How: Exposed to secular races
  • What: A need to apply tradition within thee Theion Temple
  • When: 1983
  • Where: Romanian
  • Which: Andrei applied via personal trainer film
  • Who: Favorite Guardian
  • Why: Is English your second language?...Fitness trainer, Andrei speaks Romanian and  represents himself well in both his still images and video feeds. Romania, first presented to me as thee home of Transylvanian dictator, Count Vladimir Tepes is presently serving as a favorite Foreign Tongue. Romania's Count Dracula translates to Dragon and is referenced in Thee Holy Bible as a manner of speech and a patriarchal protectorate. Thee complete opposing force of thee Serpent. Saying all this to say,  Andrei is fit for thee BSBM reading group, graphics and kings.

...is thee perfect father figure.

  • How: Exposed to Thee Santiagos
  • What: A need for active merchants and markets for thee Theion Temple
  • When: 1960
  • Where: Spain
  • Which: Interview with A Vampire home video film
  • Who: Favorite Race
  • Why: Do you come from a large family?...I know Latin people to have no room for thee rest. Banderas rocked thee character Armand as if he was thee father of Anna Rice. I've seen him in other works but Armand is thee reason Banderas commands my attention. He entered thee words already vexed and handed thee all seeing eye of Hollywood a business card to cut thee fun short. I think laughter may suite his rise from thee bathroom in thee family hoody. Banderas then drags himself across thee floor, nibbles thee new snack and leaving it in thee living room. How do you say "No haircut" in your country? I gotta have him.

...did organize your dread.

  • How: Exposed to rockers demographics
  • What: A need for organized member services at Revamped
  • When: 1978
  • Where: Jamaica
  • Which: Distant Relatives interview film
  • Who: Favorite Icon
  • Why: Did you come from an island? I did...in 1976...so how come Damian caught all your attentions? Between Hollywood + thee Holy Land there is a man child named Damian. Sainted in thee past + demonized in thee current news, Junior Gong is a relic to his fellow bush babies + thee youngest son of rockers vocalist Senor Robert Nesta Marley. I've seen Gongzilla live, here in Washington, D.C. + owned a copy of all his music off + on. Damian may very well be thee bright + morning star if ever you should find yourself amongst they that call thee isles of thee Caribbean being lost. Known for his work within thee klan, Ghetto Youths International, Damian is organized + loyal.

...is thee future of rockers.

  • How: Exposed to live rockers bands
  • What: A need to populate BSBM reading group with religious men
  • When: 1970's
  • Where: Antigua
  • Which: Vaughn completes "True King" live on film
  • Who: Favorite Son of Jacob
  • Why: Are you into gothic culture? I Am. Midnight is deep and methodical. Lead vocals, Vaughn is a natural chanter and handles long stage shows and tours for months with no issues. I've seen Midnight knock out a cool 3 hour set in Washington, DC and even traveled to Saint Croix to see W.R.I.P. before. Massachusetts, New York, Baltimore, North Carolina...I'll save you Baby Jesus! Like I stated Midnight is my favorite as far as Jacob goes. Sorry if you thought I was over at Thee House of Marley. Try jammin' with Thee Benjamin's.

...does work well with his hands.

  • How: Exposed to martial artist
  • What: A need to brand religious affiliation at BSBM Crosstrain
  • When: 1974
  • Where: United Kingdom
  • Which: Prince Naseem highlights film presentation
  • Who: Favorite Marshal Artist
  • Why: Is thee title Prince easy to fake?...I hope not. Thee title Prince emanates religious structure instead of structured violence. Naseem has a beautiful personality to accompany his professional resume. Boxing is not my favorite form of marshal art, Aikido is, however Naseem makes it look fun and fashionable.

...is thee harshest gaze.

  • How: Exposer to Arabs in thee business community
  • What: A need for high quality images at IVTSIVTP
  • When: 1980's
  • Where: Saudi Arabia
  • Which: Omar film promotions for international commerce.
  • Who: Favorite business presence
  • Why: Have you seen Omar's presentations? ...I have always been fond of middle eastern men's swing on business. Omar is a first class merchant, bi-lingual and  has thee super model presentation under control, making him what Americans call triple threat talent. Omar is dark and handsome. He has runway events on record and did complete interviews in multicultural platforms. So it's official? Omar is here on business.

...makes dance look violent.

  • How: Exposed to several summers of dance
  • What: A need to complete a personalized cross train technique at BSBM
  • When: 1967
  • Where: Iran
  • Which: Shir Ali Mardan dance video film
  • Who: Favorite Art Form
  • Why: Have you ever been forced into dance class?...I do not think dance is to be separated from marshal arts but who am I? Shahrohk adding dance to marshal arts presentation as a separate component eases thee sense of loss from thee time I have spent thinking that dance would put food on our tables. Dance softens body language that was once rigid due to training or even abuse, however that is simply to thee naked eye. Shahrohk displays his skills as a dancer by acting out a non-violent scene, partially dressed and missing a staff.

...embodied finished.

  • How: Exposed to a large population of bi-racial Asians
  • What: A need for gender identification at Graven
  • When: 1970's
  • Where: China
  • Which: David completes English model diary on film
  • Who: Favorite Model
  • Why: Do you separate male from female in your culture? ... I do. My Asian cousins are a favorite because people cannot pretend to look like them without spending a large amount of money on sci-fi formulas. Thee hair, eyes and tongue make it easy for me to call them a separate child at first glance. So I figured use David to represent thee male models as he can not be replaced biblically, ethnically or ethically.  King David was known to be a heretic with locks that he would snatch out by hand on any occasion. King David or Dawit as Ethiopians reported would also be perfect as a model host for young boys and men because he owns thee David star brand or thee six point star which Israel chose to mark themselves.

...is most exotic.

  • How: Exposed to Asian temples in two countries.
  • What: A need for member limitations at BSBM.
  • When: 1964
  • Where: Lebanon
  • Which: Little Buddha home video film
  • Who: Favorite Career
  • Why: Do you think acting cost or increases focus?...I think it cost focus to act and viewing thee acting increases focus. Keanu, who I first viewed in "Speed" has a unique voice and bridges vast changes in character per acting role. His staring in Little Buddha was not featured as a crown jewel, instead it was left in a pile of career completions, along side stunt work, in depth interviews and educational programing that Hollywood  needs to promote film, live theater and video cross not only America but thee world.

...presents thee rock of ages.

  • How: Exposed to rock music in U.S.A.
  • What: A need for a diversified reading group for thee Theion Temple
  • When: 1958
  • Where: Algeria
  • Which: Barra Barra music video film
  • Who: Favorite African
  • Why: Does rock pay? ...I love rock music. Thee Caribbean is known mostly for Reggae and Calypso music, however I spent my childhood in Washington, DC. I first heard Rachid screaming from an African country named Algeria early this year while viewing a music video score for a war time file named Black Hawk Down.  Rachid...who is also performing in bi-lingual arenas does not remind me of any other artist. Thee image Rachid's stage shows offer rock and rockers advocates add drastic contrast points to afro-centric artisanship for readers to use while they compare Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project to other methods of self improvement. 


BSBM Dossier: Ki.733

Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie is Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project headhunter + thee artisan owner of Thee Theion Temple, Thee Boutique Graven, IVTSIVTP + Revamped Technology.

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