Series 1: Character 6

Saint Heresh Malachi. In a city constructed to confound the unwanted visitor, access to Saint Heresh is a valuable commodity. To fathom his legend in its entirety one must be willing to descend to the darkest corner of the mind, destroy what is weak, evolve and rebuild stronger to sustain the lives of many. The world is filled with shiny trinkets meant to dazzle the eye and deceive the heart, Saint Heresh prefers to dwell in the realm of truth, and so he is seldom found.

Age of thee Capricorn
Gabriel, has become accustomed to mediation in his line of work. The arts are an underestimated industry with infinite potential to turn a profit where once there was no hope. Unfortunately, there is unlimited potential for conflict. Judge, jury and executioner, Gabriel brings an end to the age of innocence in the music industry where idol worship has become a costly error in the history of mankind. A picture is worth a thousand words and words only hold their value when they are conveyed by a messenger who speaks truth.


BSBM Dossier: Ki.733

Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie is Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project headhunter + thee artisan owner of Thee Theion Temple, Thee Boutique Graven, IVTSIVTP + Revamped Technology.

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