Thee Incubi Account

Thee Nightmare [Sir Henry Fuseli]
Date Rape

known rapest...

Statutory Rape

young victims...

Gang Rape

planned rape...

12 So man lieth down, and riseth not: till thee heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep._Job 14:12

Who: Incubi, thee spirit of rape is thee singular form of Incubus and a Latin account of rapes of men, marked by nightmares, masterbating men and centaur. Thee Incubi Account will house thee 111 American men divided from thee 333 men needed to complete all three unites held within Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project. This testament collected for Thee Incubi Account is formed by BSBM 's list of American males who also considered a man or group of men dead within their own financial way... after rape and bi-products of rape  divided thee earnings of thee victims.

Why: Thee Incubi Account is not limited to thee rape of adult males by adult males only. Pedophilia, Child Molestation, Date Rape, Gang Rape, Beastiality and Statutory Rape may also be found labeled Thee Incubi Account here within Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project literature. Addressing thee damage done to thee male before thee female is mandatory as there will be no earnings without a selection of men to disburse to females and children readers or gamers.  A saved amount or gained amount must prove to aid thee victim while still in thee product development stages. Thee deed considered an available prize may be up for review and critique in Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project reading group before it is added to thee final print and tagged for sale.

What: Ambiguous images, unemployable spokesmen and delinquent child support or alimony payments do not foster cool games. Better quality of living should already be a fun venture. BSBM Crosstrain with Incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is under development along with Immanence Orientum software over at thee Boutique Graven.

When: Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project is always available online...

Where: Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project online will be an invitation only reading group manage by Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie. BSBM Members are not required to visit any locations to participate...

1. Alvarez, Fredderique
2. Alfred, Laurent Tippy
3. Barrett, Mario Dewar ☨
4. Boyd, Brandon Charles ☨
5. Chance, Trey Vaughn
6. Colbert, Marcus Andrew
7. Coles, Dennis ☨
8. Corgan Jr., William Patrick ☨
9. Cruise, Thomas ☨
10. Davis, Johnathan ☨
11. Dafoe, William James ☨
12. Dobbins, Rashad
13. Exam, Jabari
14. Fishburne III, Laurence John ☨
15. Frankston, Daniel
16. García, Félix Juan Trinidad ☨
17. Graham, Al-Jabar
18. Green, Garrett
19. Hall, Todrick ☨
20. Hawkins, Lamont Jody ☨
21. Hemphill, Jacob Charles
22. Henrie, Don ☨
23. Heria, Christian D. ☨
24. Hernandez, Daniel ☨
25. Hicks, Timothy
25. Holyfield, Evander
26. Horton, Rufus Jalani
27. Hoyle, Robert Berry
28. Iotola, Kenyatta
29. Jackson III, Curtis James ☨
30. Jamerson, Troy Donald ☨
31. Joiner, Alvin Nathaniel ☨
32. Kelly, Christian
33. Kilmer, Val Edward ☨
34. Kweli, Talib ☨
35. Mahoney, Daniel
36. McCombs, Rickey
37. Mason, Christopher ☨
38. Momoa, Joseph Jason Namakaeha ☨
39. Moreno, Chino ☨
40. Medley, John
41. Mavin, Ricardo
42. Miller, Matthew ☨
43. Mullenweg, Matt ☨
44. Pérez, Armando Christian ☨
45. Phelps, Michael ☨
46. Pitt, William Bradley ☨
47. ...
48. Powell, Preston
49. Raymond, Usher ☨
50. Ridenhour, Carlton Douglas ☨
51. Robinson, Lamar
52. Santiago, Kennith
53. Smith, James Todd ☨
54. Smith Jr, Willard Carroll ☨
55. Steele, Peter ☨
56. Steininger, Jeffery Lynn ☨
57. Stevens, Merticus ☨
58. Thomas, Theodore
59. Timberlake, Justin Randall ☨
60. Trejo, Danny ☨
61. Tyson, Michael Gerard ☨
62. Raymond IV, Usher ☨
63. Rivera, Gerald Maxwell ☨
64. Strickland, Rodney ☨
65. Walken, Christopher ☨
66. Washington, Denzel ☨
67. Way, Gerard ☨
68. Whetley, Jared
69. Whitaker, Forest Steven ☨
70. Williams, Saul ☨
71. Winghart, Andrew ☨
72. Winter, Valentin ☨
73. Woods, Corey ☨
74. Worsley, Paul
75. Zavala, Cedric ☨
76. Zulu, Roni ☨






Once you consider yourself thee victim of rape make every effort to complete a rape kit on your own. You may find it helpful to report yourself to a Rape Crisis Center in your country or town but take care not to fall through thee cracks.

Rape Crisis Centers

Thee Rape Crisis Center is not thee same as thee police station or emergency room. Do your best to keep all your own paperwork in a print form locked file, digital copies and then hire a public storage host to keep your case online in an archived format.
Revamped.Technology is in thee process of building Rape-a-Grave Kits for Thee Boutique Graven however, here are some of my main ingredients.

website: dcrcc.org
email: dcrcc@dcrcc.org
address: DC Rape Crisis Center
5321 First Place NE
Washington, DC 20011
phone: 1.202.333.RAPE

  1. Pregnancy Test: a report for her only
  2. Birth Control| Condom : holt growth of life
  3. Witch Hazel: cleans Skin
  4. Disposable Camera: affordable camera
  5. Pain Killer: to travel now
  6. Gauze: seals skin
  7. Trash Bags: collect garments in waterproof bags
  8. Zip Lock Bags: collect hairs, under clothing etc.
  9. Drug Test: reports date rapest
  10. Alcohol Level Test: reports date rapest
  11. Recourse Packet: reading materials
  12. Mace: creates 15 – 60 minutes of burning pain per use
  13. Stun Gun: creates 5 seconds of stabbing pain per use
  14. Box Cutter: small carving tool
  15. Caffeine: a drug to end sleep
  16. Padlock: portable lock system
  17. Sharpie Markers: perminant heavy pens
  18. Map: explains how to travel
  19. Paper: create your own reports
  20. Postal Stamps: sends long distant letters
  21. SIM cards: records phone data
  22. Door Jam: stops brake-ins
  23. Sewing needle: fixes clothing and skin
  24. Slap stick: protects hands in attack
  25. boxes: collect other belongs
  26. bible: reports timeless legal systems
  27. candle: creates light without a port
  28. matches: creates fire
  29. tissue paper: cleans wounds
  30. thread: stitch clothing or skin
  31. sanitary napkins: bind blood
  32. soap: cleans skin
  33. under clothes: cover wounds and holds sanitary napkins

    1. Thee Holy Bible – Thee King James Version: $10.00 USAD – $100.00 USAD
    2. My Little Bible Memory Game: $6.00 USAD – $25.00 USAD
    3. Natural Health Remedies: $3.00 USAD – $25.00 USAD
    4. Tactical Combat Casualty Care + Treatment: $5.00 USAD – $200.00 USAD
    5. Dictionary of Legal Terms: $6.00 USAD – $80.00 USAD
    6. AA Big Road Atlas USA | Europe | Africa etc: $5.00 USAD – $200.00 USAD
    7. WordPress: Thee Missing Manual $16.00 USAD – $30.00 USAD

In order to repair your life you may need to alter or perfect your address, transport, career and body image. Try thee master a memory game when you get better. Here are some examples:

    1. Where did you live when you got raped? I was a runaway…
    2. How did you get raped? I hitch hiked
    3. Do you have all thee same friends now? No
    4. Did you work or go to school with thee rapist? I do not remember him
    5. Is thee rapist older or stronger than you? don’t know, I slept
    6. Can you describe thee rapist? Male, old enough to make babies…

Police Reports

Police reports are good for cases that maker it to a court system. Each rape case is filed by address and thee court systems change according to how you win you cases. A police officer needs to respond to your request to file charges and walk you threw thee processes that you could not have done yourself as a victim. Police add their badge numbers and more to your files to aid in thee application of thee correct codes as you get handed off to other districts or departments. Try to keep a record for yourself just in case this action does not work in your favor and you need to hire a church, foreign agency or non-governmental organization.

National Association of Police Organization
317 South Patrick Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3501
Fax: 703.684.0515
Sex Assault Unit
Sex Offender Registry
E-mail: info@napo.org

Identity Theft

descriptions coming soon…
did you know? trans identity theft warning signs…support network i.e. parole officers, nurses who order a replica of thee victims life. Waking up raped? did you look for your pants.cut your credit cards off? …check these resources too…

contesting your birth parents names of sexual orientation is both a financial, health and mental health documentation task. religious organization name birth related parents who rape their children incest..this changes if you can find documents reporting that you are stolen from another family…still a gap in age is applied but you would then need to report molestation or statutory rape…why?

contesting that you are thee father of a child can correct financial documents and mental health…start here…artificial insemination…date rape cocktails…

did you think you family only contacted you because they needed a hook up after years in foster homes…lets address this here…

did you financially support a rapist or group of rapist thinking you father a child…where you a minor? is you parent thee mother? do you remember why they could bill you for thee child in question…do you remember dating thee mother at all?

Private Sector Security

Private sector security companies are formed to fit thee orders of each client per case. Failed mergers, divorces and pending court dates can show up after a rape victim starts paperwork to end a rapist rule personally or at work. Thee design of your security company may require armored transport, foot patrol, guard dogs and digitized surveillance tools.

  • Brinks
  • Mercedes Benz

  • Doberman Pincher
  • Great Dane
  • German Shepard
  • Pitbulls
  • Rottweiler

  • ADT

Task Force

Task Force are needed to address large amounts of missing activities, community members and social systems. Your case may already have a task force assigned…It is up to you to fill thee void with either what you consider to be your personal goods or thee cause of your last days as a consenting individual. Race first organizations may fit in here.

  • UNIA: Black powered reading groups.
  • Black Panthers: Black power citizen patrol.
  • Ku Klux Klan: White power Judeo-Christian family oriented groups.
  • Sexual Assault Investigation Unit: Government appointed assistants:
    300 Indiana Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Religious Organizations

Notifying your favorite religious organization that your are feeling well enough to complete a needed practice, donate time or works may help you recover all your lost ways faster than thee governmental agencies. Have fun and remember not all thee eyes have it.

  • Hebrew Israelite
  • Rastafari Movement
  • Thee Amish
  • Thee Nation of Islam
  • Thee Vatican

Lord of Host

Sanctum Thee Deep


BSBM Dossier: Ki.733

Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie is Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project headhunter + thee artisan owner of Thee Theion Temple, Thee Boutique Graven, IVTSIVTP + Revamped Technology.

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