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Thee Nightmare [Sir Henry Fuseli]
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12 So man lieth down, and riseth not: till thee heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep._Job 14:12

Who: Incubi, thee spirit of rape is thee singular form of Incubus and a Latin account of rapes of men, marked by nightmares, masterbating men and centaur. Thee Incubi Account will house thee 111 American men divided from thee 333 men needed to complete all three unites held within Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project. This testament collected for Thee Incubi Account is formed by BSBM ‘s list of American males who also considered a man or group of men dead within their own financial way… after rape and bi-products of rape  divided thee earnings of thee victims.

Why: Thee Incubi Account is not limited to thee rape of adult males by adult males only. Pedophilia, Child Molestation, Date Rape, Gang Rape, Beastiality and Statutory Rape may also be found labeled Thee Incubi Account here within Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project literature. Addressing thee damage done to thee male before thee female is mandatory as there will be no earnings without a selection of men to disburse to females and children readers or gamers.  A saved amount or gained amount must prove to aid thee victim while still in thee product development stages. Thee deed considered an available prize may be up for review and critique in Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project reading group before it is added to thee final print and tagged for sale.

What: Ambiguous images, unemployable spokesmen and delinquent child support or alimony payments do not foster cool games. Better quality of living should already be a fun venture. BSBM Crosstrain with Incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is under development along with Immanence Orientum software over at thee Boutique Graven.

When: Thee Blaacksun Bloodmoon Project is always available online…

Where: Thee Blaacksun Bloodmoon Project online will be an invitation only reading group manage by Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie. BSBM Members are not required to visit any locations to participate…

Rape Kits
Rape Crisis Centers
Police Reports
Private Sector Security
Task Force
Religious Organizations


BSBM Dossier: Ki.733

Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie is Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project headhunter + thee artisan owner of Thee Theion Temple, Thee Boutique Graven, IVTSIVTP + Revamped Technology.

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