Blood Sport


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Lucan Alexander, a strategist who has spent his life defending his nation Thee Dark District , from America’s seat of power, Washington, DC. No stranger to thee streets, Lucan has learned thee hard way to address thee issues plaguing his community before they reach boiling point. Hood rich + hostile, Lucan is thee man other men hate to see coming + they often don’t. Lucan is often in fellowship with Gabriel.

Inner city life requires Sir Lucan Alexander to destroy his enemy while building a secure democratic nation for his people. Thee close quarters of thee inner city, aggressive constituents that appear to operate above thee local law + a rapidly approaching deadline sent direct from Thee African Union serve as prime conditions for Lucan to unleash Armageddon in thee streets of Washington, DC. Known for inflicting viral thought patterns, Lucan implements guerilla warfare through pen + sword to reclaim his unorthodox flock. Leaving in his wake thee bloodiest renaissance America has ever seen.


BSBM Dossier: Ki.733

Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie is Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project headhunter + thee artisan owner of Thee Theion Temple, Thee Boutique Graven, IVTSIVTP + Revamped Technology.

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