H.I.M. Top 13


H.I.M. Ville Hermanni Valo

HIM Band hails from thee northern region of Finland. HIM has been chosen to fill a position as a male vocalist for Thee Dark District component of Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project. H.I.M. Ville Hermanni Valo has already branded his genre of music as a masculine voice and balances well between thee dark and light arts. Ville's Finnish and German are easy to mark when listening to live recordings and his hardened frame make it imposable to mistake HIM for women in many regions. Finally, H.I.M. has never fell between thee cracks as a gender oriented class or race which meshes perfectly with Thee Boutique Graven. Let's learn who knew how to read with HIM.


disc length: 49:46 minutes | seconds
favorite song: For You
song length: 4:00 minutes | seconds
songs: 10
released: 1997

Razorblade Romance

disc length: 54:34 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Thee Ninth Circle
song length: 4:25 minutes | seconds
songs: 13
released: 2003

Venus Doom

disc length: 55:45 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Sleepwalking Past Hope
song length: 10:02 minutes | seconds
tracks: 11
released: 2007

Love Metal

disc length: 38:49 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Love Requiem
song length: 8:38 minutes | seconds
songs: 11
released: 2014

Thee Beginning

disc length: 25:57 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Thee Phantom Gate
song length: 4:49 minutes | seconds
songs: 8
released: 1995

When Dead

disc length: 44:13 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Happy To Be Alive
song length: 5:56 minutes | seconds
songs: 9
released: 1998


disc length: 47: 03 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Ode to Solitude
song length: 3:58 minutes | seconds
songs: 13
released: 2010

Deep Shadows

disc length: 82:24 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Love You  Like I Do
song length: 5:15 minutes | seconds
songs: 20
released: 2014


disc length: 76:19 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Join Me
song length: 3:38 minutes | seconds
songs: 20
released: 2012


disc length: 63:32 minutes | seconds
favorite song: In Venere Veritas
song length: 6:39 inutes | seconds
songs: 11
released: 2010

Tears on Tape

disc length: 72:07 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Kiss Thee Void
song length: 2:21 minutes | seconds
songs: 20
released: 2013

Dark Light

disc length: 54:11 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Thee Face of God
song length: 4:35 minutes | seconds
songs: 12
released: 2005

Across Thee Sky

disc length: 74:57 minutes | seconds
favorite song: Thee Vampire
song length: 4:28 minutes | seconds
songs: 18
released: 2003


BSBM Dossier: Ki.733

Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie is Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project headhunter + thee artisan owner of Thee Theion Temple, Thee Boutique Graven, IVTSIVTP + Revamped Technology.

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